Пътувам, мирувам, лудувам в пазвата на деня. slushai
Нощта е свидетел, а вечността съдник.
Мигът приятел и най-верен спътник.
Говоря с него със затворени очи.
Отворя ли ги, вече друг е. 


Mariya Apostolova is a mixed media artist who comes with skills in visual, traditional and performance arts, and has been specializing in costume and production design for films. Mariya’s work is driven by the healing aspect of art and its capacity to transform internal and external spaces. All the while dissolving the boundaries with the observer through pace and metaphoric relationships. As a production designer, Mariya’s artistic sensitivity translates into a thoughtful interpretation of the inner life of character and setting while building a meaningful dialogue in abstract, magical and realistic worlds. Her visual art and writing explore the themes of interconnectivity, identity, motherhood and the inner child. She is often found seeking inspiration and intimate connection in the intricate pattern, palette and coherence of nature, the cultural depth of her Bulgarian roots and the immediacy of meditative silence.

Mariya is an active and creative member in the Bulgarian community and works closely with the Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center in Seattle (BCHCS) in the artistic production of cultural events. She leads a monthly program for traditional arts and crafts for children called Tvorilnitsa. Currently, Mariya is establishing her studio and writing practice while pursuing an Individualized degree in Creative Writing and Expressive arts.

I write to create a meeting space for internal conflict to transform. I write to awake compassion and to challenge my own understanding of boundaries, while you – the reader, the speaker, the character flow from one another.


Film Work

Way out there (short film) – production design, sets, costumes

Burden (short film) 2016 – production design, sets, costume


Mystery Eyes (short film) 2016 – production, set and costume design

In Reverie (short film) 2015 – production and costume design

Asylum (short film) 2015 – set and costume design


Stagnant (short film) 2015 – production, set and costume design


Give ( music video) – costume and set design


Harmonia (feature film in production) 2014 – production, set and costume design


This Baba (30 min, documentary) 2014 – makeup and costumes


Too Late (short film) 2014 – costumes and set design


Closing Time (short films) 2013 – costume and set design


Connection ( short film) 2012 – costume and set design


Upon Your Shoulders (short film) 2012 – costume design

Walking Against The Wind ( feature film) 2012 – production design, costume and set design

Lost and (Puget) Sound (30 min, narrative film) 2011 – costume design


This one is about love (20 min, narrative film) 2010 – production, costume and set design

Slushai (Listen) (15 min, narrative film) 2008 – assistant costume and prop design



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